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Exciting news: Immigration Equality was just featured in the New York Times! We have been working closely with the New York Times Editorial Board to tell the story of our client Estrella Sánchez, a transgender woman from Mexico. And today, they published my letter to the editor advocating for Estrella to be able to stay in the United States!

Estrella was trafficked to the U.S. after suffering brutal violence in Mexico – only to experience abuse in the U.S. immigration system. Though we have secured Estrella’s release from detention, a critical piece of her story hangs in the balance. An immigration judge has ordered Estrella to be deported – twice. This story is all too common for our clients.

This media attention will help us to make the case for Estrella. But the battle is not over. Estrella has spent years in limbo, not knowing what her fate will be. Your support will help us make sure Estrella and other LGBT clients like her have a safe place to call home.

Caroline Dessert