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Dear friend,

As I’m sure you have heard by now, a gunman shot and killed 50 LGBTQ people at a gay club in Orlando, Florida. More than 50 others have been seriously injured and may not survive.

For many of us, the gay bar is our sanctuary and our safe space. It is the spot where we meet, where we make community, and where we feel free to be our true selves. Early this morning, lethal violence shocked that sense of security, bringing fear and grief in its wake. I know that you join me in mourning the queer lives that were taken.

But even as we grieve for those whose lives were taken, let us also refuse to allow this horrific event to be used against those who need us the most. We must remind the nation that there are queer Afghans, queer Muslims, and queer people from around the world who need our support. To overcome the violence targeting our people, we must continue to come together as community. You can find a vigil near you at http://www.weareorlando.org/.

Together, we will embrace our diversity and find strength and comfort in it. We will mourn with those who lost loved ones today and work to ensure that in the future all of us are supported and protected.

Yours, in solidarity,

Aaron C. Morris
Executive Director, Immigration Equality