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Every day, torture happens within our borders.

Human rights abuses against LGBT people do not just happen in other countries. Right now, Immigration Equality is representing several transgender detainees who have called us with horrifying stories of abuse in detention.

Many of these women are survivors of violence in their home countries. They come to America seeking asylum only to be locked in a cell with an abuser or subjected to 23 hours a day without human contact for months on end.

This happens on a regular basis because the Department of Homeland Security insists on housing transgender women in male detention centers, where they are in constant danger of sexual assault and violence. After these women are attacked, DHS isolates them in solitary confinement in a belated effort to keep them safe, compounding abuse with torture.

This Human Rights Day, give to Immigration Equality to help every transgender woman in immigration detention get the freedom and human dignity she deserves.

Join us in our fight for policies that will keep the entire LGBT community safe from harm. Make a special contribution today to keep our hotline open and our advocates working for fair and lasting reform to the immigration and detention systems.


Caroline Dessert
Executive Director, Immigration Equality

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