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Dear Friend,

Today is Human Rights Day, an opportunity to stand up for equality, justice, and human dignity.

As you read this, there is a human rights crisis at the border; but it is not the one the president tweets about. The real crisis has been created by the Trump administration’s cruel and dangerous decision to limit the number of asylum seekers it admits each day.

Because of this, more than 100 LGBTQ and HIV-positive refugees fleeing violence and persecution are trapped at the border. These individuals cannot safely wait for weeks or months — or even years — to seek asylum in the U.S. Last year, a shelter in Mexico where trans asylum seekers were staying was set on fire, and LGBTQ asylum seekers in Mexico regularly report being harassed, threatened, and assaulted.

The right to seek asylum is a human right. We are working with our partners on the ground to make sure these asylum seekers have the support and legal representation they need once they are able to enter the U.S.

Donate to support LGBTQ asylum seekers at the border!

Please join us today, Human Rights Day, to defend the asylum system from those who seek to use fear and lies to delegitimize it. You can donate here to help fund our asylum program for LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants, or help us share our graphic in defense of the asylum system.

Human rights are universal and inalienable, but history has shown us time and again that we must stand together to protect them. Thank you for fighting for human rights with us all year long.


Sincerely Yours,



Aaron C. Morris

Executive Director, Immigration Equality