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On behalf of the entire Immigration Equality family – our staff, board and clients – I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We are incredibly grateful for the support and dedication you showed this year – every day.

You donated in honor of our victories. You worked side-by-side with us when we demanded that President Obama deliver administrative relief, sending in postcards and attending our rally in front of the White House.

You sent uplifting messages of support, and posted comments on our Facebook page, encouraging us to continue representing the growing number of LGBT asylum seekers forced to flee the many places where it is fundamentally unsafe to be LGBT.

Thank you.

It is your support and your strength that inspire us to dig into another year of tireless service and advocacy.

While we are proud of our victories, we will not stop advocating for the many trapped in dangerous and dysfunctional immigration detention centers. We will continue working to ensure that LGBT people are protected from deportation. We will fight to ensure that our families are included in the latest executive order that goes into effect in 2015.

It is an honor and privilege to lead such an amazing organization. Thank you for standing with us to ensure that all LGBT immigrants have a safe place to call home – Happy Thanksgiving.

Caroline Dessert
Executive Director