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Dear Friend,

Our beautiful twin sons, Ethan and Aiden, were born four minutes apart. They’re two and a half now, but we remember the day we became fathers like it was yesterday. We felt joy like we had never experienced before.

Eager to move from Toronto to Los Angeles to raise our boys close to Andrew’s family, we applied for the twins’ passports. We are the sole parents on both of their birth certificates, so we were absolutely shocked when we learned that the State Department wouldn’t recognize Ethan as a U.S. citizen since birth.

This Father’s Day, join us in demanding the State Department to change its discriminatory policy immediately: add your name to the petition today.

Our sons bring us unimaginable joy, and we want to do everything to protect them. They’re being treated differently just because they have two fathers, and we won’t stand for it. The worst part is, the policy isn’t just harming our family. Countless other LGBTQ couples and families are going through the same thing.

Sign our petition today: your support of Ethan and Aiden is the best Father’s Day gift we could ever receive.

Enjoy today with the ones you love most,

Andrew and Elad Dvash-Banks