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Imagine arriving at the U.S. border seeking asylum after escaping horrific violence—just to be told you can’t even apply. Then imagine being packed onto a plane and dropped off in Guatemala, a country with one of the highest rates of homicide and violence against LGBTQ people in the world.

I’m sickened to say that the Trump administration already started sending Honduran and Salvadoran asylum seekers to Guatemala.  And this will likely be the reality for many more people in desperate need of protection in our country. The U.S. government claims Guatemala is a safe alternative to asylum in the U.S., but it is fundamentally dangerous for asylum seekers, and especially for queer and trans people.

Donate today to join our fight against this policy, the latest attempt from the Trump administration to abolish our asylum system.

This new policy means that queer and trans Hondurans and Salvadorans are in grave danger: they are either dumped in a country where their lives are at risk, or sent back to the exact same life-threatening situations they escaped. 

As we advocate for an end to this illegal, cruel, and absurd policy, we’re also providing direct services to LGBTQ people facing deportation. With your support, we can take immediate action to secure safety for people from Honduras, El Salvador, and all LGBTQ asylum seekers under attack from the Trump administration.

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I’m infuriated about the systematic attack on our community. But I’m also incredibly grateful I get to work every day to make the lives of LGBTQ asylum seekers better.

Thank you for your support,

Bridget Crawford
Legal Director, Immigration Equality