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America has long been a beacon of hope for LGBTQ and HIV-positive asylum seekers and refugees. From all parts of the world, individuals and families in our community have sought to start a new life here, free from subjugation and oppression. We see it every day at Immigration Equality.

Today, President Donald J. Trump signed two Executive Orders targeting immigrants. We expect he will sign another one in the coming days aimed at refugees seeking resettlement in the U.S. His orders are not only unconstitutional, but also antithetical to the American Dream. We cannot allow them to stand.

Help us fight for refugees and immigrants!

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, we will reach out to you with actions you can take to support the LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrant community. As you know, President Trump uses, and overuses, Twitter to express his agenda. One simple action you can do right now is to tweet at @POTUS using the hashtag #SolidaritySelfie to join the virtual march showing solidarity with the immigrant community.

Here’s how to make a #SolidaritySelfie:

  1. Write a short note on a piece of paper – something like “Refugees Welcome,” “Here to Stay” or “I Stand with Immigrants” or your own message
  2. Take a picture of yourself with the paper
  3. Tweet the photo of yourself, along with a note, at @POTUS. Make sure to include the hashtag #SolidaritySelfie!

The attack on LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants has only just begun. We must stand together in solidarity, now more than ever.

Aaron C. Morris,
Executive Director, Immigration Equality