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We demand equal treatment for the children of same-sex couples

The State Department refuses to recognize the legal marriages of same-sex couples and the birthright citizenship of their children. Please join Immigration Equality in calling on the administration to change their discriminatory policy immediately.

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Dear Secretary of State Pompeo,

Immigration Equality and supporters of LGBTQ rights across the U.S. call on the State Department to change its discriminatory policy treating the children of bi-national same-sex couples as born “out of wedlock.” Failure to recognize their marriages and the birthright citizenship of their children contradicts the clear intent of Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Nowhere in the law does it say that a married U.S. citizen must prove a biological connection to their child to pass on birthright citizenship. However, when a same-sex couple goes to a U.S. consulate abroad to apply for their child’s passport, they are subjected to invasive questioning and DNA testing to prove they are biologically related. This policy disproportionately impacts same-sex couples and their children.

We stand with LGBTQ families and demand the State Department change its discriminatory policy immediately.

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