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Dear Friend,

I am outraged. Today, a divided U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s Muslim and Refugee Ban. As you know, Immigration Equality has been fighting this terrible policy from the day it was announced. No matter how long it takes, we will continue to demand that it be overturned.

We know that we can succeed. Queer people have a long history of defeating heinous laws. We did it when we overturned the HIV immigration ban in 2010. We did it again when we ended marriage discrimination in 2015. And we will win this battle too!

As I wrote to you the day after the 2016 election, I have never felt that Immigration Equality’s mission was more necessary. A year and a half later, I believe that more than ever. Families are being ripped apart, due process is being threatened by Executive Tweet, and people fleeing violence are being prevented from seeking asylum. This cannot continue.

Will you join us in this fight?

  • Even if you’ve already given this year, please consider making an urgent gift to help us redouble our efforts to protect immigrants.
  • If you are eligible to vote this election cycle, ask your candidates if they support immigrants and refugees.
  • In the meantime, protest loud and often!

We are so much greater than this moment, and progress is something we must demand every day.

Yours Sincerely,



Aaron C. Morris, Executive Director