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Welcome to Immigration Equality. If you are a member of the press interested in covering the LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrant community, then you’ve come to the right place. Immigration Equality is happy to work with you to provide statistics, stories, spokespeople, and analysis.

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Immigration Equality in the media

Essence: Marriott International Donates $100K To Organization Helping LGBTQ Immigrants Escape Sexual Persecution June 27, 2019
Washington Blade: House subcommittee holds hearing on ICE detention facilities September 28, 2019
NBC: 'We are family by every definition': Gay dads' baby is denied citizenship September 13, 2019
Out: Trump Keeps Denying Citizenship to Same-Sex Couples’ Children September 12, 2019
Daily Beast: Gay American Dads Sue Trump Administration for Denying ‘Out-of-Wedlock’ Daughter Citizenship September 12, 2019
Plus: What's It Like For LGBTQ Asylum Seekers? September 9, 2019
WNYC: Three Young Girls Were Separated at the Border from a Father with HIV September 3, 2019
Rewire News: Advocates of Color Are Creating Alternatives to Detention for LGBTQ Migrants August 7, 2019
NewNowNext: Gay Couple Sues U.S. State Department for Denying Their Daughter’s Citizenship July 25, 2019
New York Times: Gay U.S. Couple Sues State Dept. for Denying Their Baby Citizenship July 23, 2019
Advocate: Laverne Cox: 'Immigration Is an LGBTQ Issue' June 26, 2019
NewNowNext: Queer and Dying at the Border: Advocates Call for Release of LGBTQ Asylum-Seekers June 19, 2019
Guernica Magazine: Out of the Iron Closet March 20, 2017
Observer: NYC Public Advocate Wants to Cut Off Companies that Help Build Trump’s Border Wall March 7, 2017
WNYC: LGBT Refugees and Asylees Have Their Own Trump Fears February 21, 2017
The Guardian: New detention center's transgender unit in Texas raises concerns over intentions February 6, 2017
WNYC: LGBT New Yorkers: 'No Ban, No Wall. New York is for All.' February 4, 2017
LA Times: ‘We’ve woken up’: What it’s like to be LGBT under Trump February 3, 2017
Metro: Trump promises workplace protections for LGBTQ, but community remains wary January 31, 2017
Rewire: Grassroots Legal Stars Working to Battle Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants and Refugees January 30, 2017
NBC News: Trump’s Immigration Restrictions Could Be LGBTQ ‘Death Sentence’ January 30, 2017
Huffington Post: The Queer Response To Trump’s Promise To Build Wall Along Mexican Border January 25, 2017
Washington Blade: LGBT Activists Condemn Trump Immigration Executive Orders January 25, 2017
Fusion: Living here or living in fear: Two tales of immigration and deportation in Obama's America January 19, 2017
Vox: “We were heard for the first time”: President Obama leaves an incredible legacy on LGBTQ rights January 17, 2017
New York Times: Transgender Women Fear Abuse in Immigration Detention January 10, 2017
Advocate: Time to Panic January 3, 2017
NBC News: LGBTQ Immigrant-Rights Groups Brace for Trump Administration December 27, 2016
Time Out: Here are some reputable organizations worth donating to December 7, 2016
BBC: Agressões em casa, discriminação e risco de morte: os dramas das 'refugiadas' trans brasileiras November 23, 2016
Paper Magazine: Things You Can Do To Be a True Ally in Trump's America November 14, 2016
Buzzfeed: 27 Productive Things You Can Do If You’re Upset About The Election November 10, 2016
Mashable: 'Perilous but not impossible': Activists look ahead to Trump's America November 9, 2016
Viacom: MTV Votes Down Discrimination and Inequality With a Wall We Can All Get Behind October 19, 2016
Advocate: On November 8, Vote for Me October 13, 2016
Kings County Politics: Brooklyn Lawmakers On The Move September 29, 2016
AP: Transgender man sues over Indiana law blocking name change September 24, 2016
Terra: Piden a latinos tomar en cuenta reforma migratoria en elecciones de EE.UU February 24, 2015
Kidney Notes: “She seemingly did everything right when all went wrong... March 9, 2015
News Archives USA: Immigrant Crime Victims Seeking Special Visas Find a Tough Path March 9, 2015
Philanthropy New York: Immigrant Crime Victims Seeking Special Visas Find a Tough Path March 9, 2015
Wopular: Immigrant Crime Victims Seeking Special Visas Find A Tough Path March 8, 2015
New York Times: Immigrant Crime Victims Seeking Special Visas Find a Tough Path March 8, 2015
Boom: A Seldom Heard Perspective On Today's Broken Immigration System February 24, 2015
Center for American Progress: Clear Guidance on Humanitarian Parole Is Needed to Reunite Same-Sex Partners Who Are Unable to Legally Marry February 11, 2015
Vital Voice: Outspoken Ugandan LGBTQ Rights Advocate to Speak at Washington University Conference February 8, 2015
The Bay Area Reporter: New LGBT Asylum Project Launches in SF February 4, 2015
Fusion: Immigrant Women Say They’re Being Illegally Strip Searched by Male Officers February 1, 2015
Fusion: LGBT Groups Call on Obama to Stop Immigration Raids Against Women and Children January 14, 2015
City Limits: Visa Rules, Distant Pride and Fast Food: The Real Life of NYC's Immigrants December 30, 2015
San Francisco Bay Times: Protections for Transgender Foster Youth Signed into Law December 10, 2015
Washington Blade: LGBT Groups Condemn Trump Plan to Ban Muslims from U.S. December 8, 2015
Redding: A Struggle for Transgender Detainees December 8, 2015
U.S. News: Top Scholars Say Trump Muslim Immigrant Ban May Be Constitutional December 8, 2015
Erie Gay News: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Confirms Transgender Immigrants Will Not be Housed at Adelanto Detention Facility December 7, 2015
Los Angeles Times: Immigration Officials Ditch Plan to Detain Transgender Immigrants in Adelanto December 3, 2015
RH Reality Check: ICE Reverses Plan to Transfer transgender Detainees to Remote Detention Center December 2, 2015
My Social Good News: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Confirms Transgender Immigrants Will Not be Housed at Adelanto Detention Facility December 1, 2015
Fusion: U.S. Drops Plan to Create Transgender Wing at Notorious Private Prison December 1, 2015
Windy City Times: ICE will not house transgender immigrants at remote detention facility December 1, 2015
Met-News: Ninth Circuit Upholds Gay Man's Deportation to Mexico November 20, 2015
Washington Blade: Advocates Divided over Resettlement of Syrian Refugees in U.S. November 17, 2015
MSNBC: Recent Anti-immigrant Rhetoric ‘un-American’ November 17, 2015
New York Times: Transgender, and Facing Prison or Deportation November 12, 2015
New York Times: Prisons and Jails Put Transgender Inmates at Risk November 9, 2015
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Russian Applications For U.S. Asylum Skyrocket In 2015 November 4, 2015
Washinton Blade: New Rule Allows Refugees to Bring Same-sex Partners to U.S. November 3, 2015
Erie Gay News: Immigration Equality Lauds Second Circuit Court Decision Ensuring Bond Hearings for Immigrants in Detention October 28, 2015
Gotham Gazette: The Week Ahead in New York Politics October 25, 2015
Bay Area Reporter: 9th Circuit Case Aids Trans Latinas October 22, 2015
My Social Good News: Immigration Equality Celebrates Executive Director's First Anniversary, Expanded Focus on Asylum for LGBT and HIV-Affected Immigrants October 22, 2015
Erie Gay News: Immigration Equality Celebrates Executive Director's First Anniversary, Expanded Focus on Asylum for LGBT and HIV-Affected Immigrants October 9, 2015
IB Times: Immigration Reform: Transgender Immigrants Skeptical Of New Detention Guidelines Designed To Protect Them July 9, 2015
Vice: Transgender Immigrants Still Face Rampant Physical and Sexual Abuse in US Detention Centers July 8, 2015
Huffington Post: Immigration Officials May Begin Considering Gender Identity When Housing Transgender Detainees June 29, 2015
Edge Boston: Immigration Equality Fights For Undocumented LGBT People June 21, 2015
Facebook: Queens Pride June 9, 2015
Windy City Times: Immigration Equality Hosts Fundraiser June 9, 2015
Huffington Post: On the "A" w/Souleo: Art Exhibition and Non-profit Organization Look at LGBT Issues Beyond Marriage Equality June 4, 2015
Washington Blade: Advocates Protest ICE Detention Policies May 28, 2015
Take Part: Nowhere to Run: Detained Transgender Immigrants Are Abused, Beaten, and Worse May 22, 2015
Advocate: Meet 13 Emerging Leaders in Social Justice Selected as Arcus Fellows May 14, 2015
Al-Jazeera: Fearful of Attacks, More LGBT Russians Seeking US asylum January 30, 2015
Latin Post: Immigration Reform News Update: LGBT Organizations ‘Deeply Disappointed’ With Inaction from Executive Action December 5, 2014
Vice: Gay and Trans Immigrants May Not Find a Reprieve in Obama’s Executive Action December 2, 2014
Denver Post: Scores of Russian Gays Seeking Asylum in United States December 1, 2014
Business Insider: Russian Gays are Fleeing to the U.S. November 29, 2014
MIC: LGBT Immigrants Have Very Little to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving November 27, 2014
Huffington Post: LGBT Immigrants Slam Obama’s Plan: ‘He’s Not In Support Of Us' November 25, 2014
Vox: The Unique Plight of Unauthorized LGBT Immigrants November 24, 2014
NBC Bay Area: Members of LGBT Community Fear Exclusion From President Obama’s Immigration Order November 21, 2014
Huffington Post: Alleged Leak of Obama’s Immigration Plan Reveals It Would Endanger LGBT Lives November 20, 2014
Washington Blade: Obama’s Immigration Action is Not Enough for LGBT Advocates November 20, 2014
SDGLN: Activists: Don’t Exclude LGBT Immigrants from Affirmative Relief November 19, 2014
Frontiers: Immigration Reform is a ‘Test of Trust’ for LGBT Advocates November 13, 2014
Fusion: Coming Out Twice — Being Gay and Undocumented in the U.S November 11, 2014
El Universal: Abandono hispano pone contra la pared a Obama November 6, 2014
The Hill: Immigration Advocates: ‘No More Excuses’ November 5, 2014
Huffington Post: Immigration Equality Puts the Spotlight on Women and New Leadership October 29, 2014
International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2014: Some Activists Worry Obama’s Executive Action Will Exclude Undocumented LGBT Immigrants October 29, 2014
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Number Of Russian Asylum Seekers To U.S. Spikes In Wake Of ‘Antigay’ Law October 15, 2014
MSNBC: Meet 16 activists at the front lines of immigration reform October 15, 2014
Washington Post: Worries Lessen for Virginia Gay Immigrants, Who Can Now Marry October 12, 2014
Semana News: Miembros de la comunidad gay que sufren persecución en su país buscan asilo político October 9, 2014
MSNBC: A Double-edged Sword for LGBT Immigrants October 3, 2014
GLAAD: Queer Latina to direct LGBT immigration advocacy October 2, 2014
SDGLN: Southern California native Caroline Dessert named executive director of Immigration Equality October 1, 2014
LGBT Weekly: Immigration Equality appoints new executive director October 1, 2014
MSNBC: How a gay Ugandan activist eluded persecution and asylum woes September 20, 2014
MSNBC: LGBT immigrants protest against ‘death sentence’ deportations September 10, 2014
Washington Blade: Action for LGBT Immigrants sought at White House rally September 9, 2014
DOT 429: LGBT and Immigration Organizations Lead “Day of Action” in D.C. September 9, 2014
Latin Post: Immigration Reform Update: Advocacy, Civil Rights Groups Urge Obama to Ensure Executive Action Includes Undocumented LGBT Immigrants September 2, 2014
Human Rights Council: LGBT Community Supports Family of Michael Brown, with 58 Groups Joining Letter of Solidarity August 15, 2014
Buzzfeed: We Asked 4 LGBT Refugees About Why They Came To The U.S. August 5, 2014
Advocate: Jose Antonio Vargas, Undocumented Gay Journalist, Detained in Texas July 15, 2014
Washington Blade: Anti-LGBT crackdown continues under Russia propaganda law July 2, 2014
Diagonal Periodico: Abusos contra mujeres trans en los CIE de Estados Unidos July 1, 2014
Phuket Gazette: Caught in a Love Catch-22 June 29, 2014
CNN: Love Wins in Gay Couple’s 40-year Immigration Fight June 28, 2014
Advocate: Meet This Year’s Inspiring Point Foundation Scholars June 23, 2014
El Confidencial: Homosexuales piden a Obama acabar con deportaciones de colectivo LGBT en EEUU June 20, 2014
Frontiers LA: Obama Delivers Strong Speech at LGBT DNC Fundraiser in NYC While Immigration Equality Protests Deportations June 18, 2014
GLAAD: Wall Street Journal strikes again, claims LGBT asylum seekers have 'inside track' June 18, 2014
Windy City Media Group: LGBTQ, immigrant protest DNC’s LGBT NYC Fundraiser June 17, 2014
US News: Obama's LGBT order leaves immigrant groups wanting more June 17, 2014
Advocate: Op-ed: Why LGBT Deportations Still = Death June 17, 2014
MSNBC: Immigration Reform Advocates Protest at Obama's LGBT Victory Lap June 17, 2014
Talk Radio News Service: LGBTQ Activists, Dreamers take deportation fight to White House June 5, 2014
Washington Blade: Rea Carey arrested during immigration protest May 1, 2014
Advocate: Gay Widower asks for marriage based green card April 21, 2014
Updated News: Russian homosexuals turn to US for help April 13, 2014
Village Voice: Asylum Insanity: Welcome to the land of the free April 8, 2014
NCLR: Support the HEAL Immigrant Women and Families Act! April 4, 2014
NGLAAD: And then they came for me: Arizona, LGBT equality and immigrant issues March 10, 2014