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I just got off a conference call with the White House on the overdue executive order on immigration that President Obama will announce in a few minutes. This is a historic step forward for the immigrant community. We celebrate the millions who will now have the opportunity to live and work without fear of deportation or detention. But once again, because the law does not recognize our unique family ties, the LGBT community appears to have been excluded from an order intended to protect vulnerable people.

For the thousands of LGBT individuals and their loved ones who may benefit from this deferred action program, watch our video (also available in Spanish) to get ready for relief.

In light of President Obama’s announcement, our work is far from over. Most of the 267,000 members of the undocumented LGBT immigrant community still need alternatives to detention and protection from deportation. There are more than 80 countries where we are criminalized and where it is fundamentally unsafe to be LGBT.

Thank you for joining us as we take the next step forward.

In solidarity,

Caroline Dessert
Executive Director, Immigration Equality