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A year ago today, we were both granted asylum! After getting married in New York in 2011, our life in Jamaica quickly deteriorated. We were ostracized by friends and family, repeatedly received anonymous death threats, and even had our car firebombed.

We did not feel peace in our hearts until the day we were no longer in danger for simply expressing our love. Winning asylum finally gave us the safety and security to make a home in the US.

Please join us and over 150 Immigration Equality supporters, our largest group ever, at NYC Pride on Sunday June 28th to celebrate victories like ours.

Today, we are able to live openly as a family. Earlier this year, we moved to Florida, missing Jamaica’s tropical weather. Darion is working on re-entering academia as a teacher, and we are planning to adopt soon.

But many other LGBTQ immigrants still live in inequality and danger. At Pride, we will stand in solidarity with LGBTQ asylum seekers, detainees, undocumented immigrants and families who are at risk of detention and deportation.

Will you join us at NYC Pride to march for them?

Darion and Brenton
Jamaican asylum winners and former Immigration Equality clients