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By Julie Moreau, Ph.D | December 27, 2016

As President-elect Donald Trump continues to fill out his cabinet, it is shaping up to be the most conservative in the nation’s history. Several of his nominees have anti-LGBTQ records, including his Attorney General pick, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and his Health and Human Services Secretary choice, Rep. Tom Price of Georgia. At the same time, Trump has continued the anti-immigration rhetoric that helped define his campaign. Most recently, he has reiterated his commitment to establishing a Muslim registry and a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants from the United States.

Given the openly anti-LGBTQ and anti-immigration positions taken by some members of the incoming administration, LGBTQ immigrant-rights organizations are bracing themselves for challenges ahead. They plan to fight many of the same battles as they did under the Obama administration, such as advocating for those facing detention, but must now attempt to prevent a rollback of the modest gains they achieved over the last eight years.

Defending LGBTQ Immigrants’ Rights

Incorporated in 1994, Immigration Equality works at the intersection of LGBTQ and immigration issues to preserve the human rights of LGBTQ and HIV-positive migrants. Aaron C. Morris, the organization’s executive director, told NBC Out that after the adoption of same-sex marriage, the organization “pivoted toward legal services for LGBTQ immigrants and to focus on how badly our community is being treated in detention.” Immigration Equality offers a hotline to answer questions and direct people to resources and provides legal services in 39 states.

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