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By Marcie Blanco | November 27, 2014

For a community that is doubly displaced — ostracized by their families because of their sexuality and gender orientation, and without a legal “home” in the United States — President Barack Obama’s landmark announcement to reform immigration was anything but comforting. More than 267,000 undocumented LGBT immigrants currently living in the United States are not covered by his executive decision.

Obama’s plan does not cover unmarried LGBT people or LGBT people without children. This means that undocumented LGBT people who live outside traditional family structures — or who do not have a family at all — are at risk of deportation.

This policy affects young people in particular, many of whom fled their native countries because of their identity. Approximately 80 countries around the world criminalize being LGBT, with some states even mandating the death penalty for homosexuality. These people come to the U.S. to literally save their lives.

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