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June 24, 2019


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Immigration Equality Expands Life-Saving Help To LGBTQ and HIV-Positive Asylum Seekers

Marriott International Grows Support with $100K Gift

NEW YORK, NY—Today, Immigration Equality announced a landmark donation from Marriott International to support their critical work on behalf of LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants. The $100,000 donation—the largest corporate gift Immigration Equality has ever received—will expand the organization’s work providing free legal services to LGBTQ asylum seekers fleeing persecution in their countries of origin. In addition to supporting direct services, it enables Immigration Equality to advocate and litigate on behalf of LGBTQ immigrants before Congress and the courts.

“Our longstanding partnership with Marriott International helps us make a meaningful difference in the lives of LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants,” said Aaron C. Morris, Executive Director of Immigration Equality. “With this generous commitment, we can expand our life-saving work on behalf of hundreds of people each year seeking safe haven from violence based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, and HIV-status. We can also take on more landmark cases at higher level courts that will set legal precedents for a broader population of LGBTQ couples and families.”

Immigration Equality is the leading LGBTQ immigrant rights organization in the country. Each year, the organization provides advice and legal services to thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-positive immigrants seeking refuge, fair treatment, and freedom in the United States.

“World Pride NYC is an historic crossroads for all LGBTQ communities,” said Brian King, Global Officer at Marriott International. “What better way for Marriott to highlight our dedication to diversity, inclusion and social good, than by advancing the mission of Immigration Equality through our #LoveTravels platform. It’s our belief that when love travels, the world is a more peaceful and inclusive place, we hope these goals will resonate around the globe.”

Beginning in 2012, Marriott’s public affairs leadership first collaborated with Immigration Equality to support fair treatment for LGBTQ individuals and families under U.S. immigration policies. In 2018, Marriott’s Social Impact team formalized its partnership with Immigration Equality, as part of the company’s priority to “welcome all and advance human rights”, through investing in the organization’s efforts to provide free legal services and advocacy globally for LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants.

Through this relationship, Immigration Equality can better advocate for people from around the world fleeing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status. The Immigration Equality legal team has won asylum for more than 1,200 LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants while maintaining a record 99% success rate.