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I want to share some great news. I finally became a U.S. citizen and can now vote for the first time. Eight years ago, when I first contacted Immigration Equality after fleeing abuse and mistreatment in Guyana for being gay, I had no idea that I would one day be an American citizen.

For years I suffered while living with HIV/AIDS. I desperately searched for a safe haven. Thanks to Immigration Equality, I won asylum in 2008 and was reunited with my son. He’s now finishing college and applying for citizenship, too.

I am so proud to finally have a say in electing leaders that will protect the asylum system. Asylum saves the lives of LGBT people like me from around the world. It gave my son and I the incredible opportunity to rebuild our life together, in a safe place.

I will vote to make sure that leaders stand up for our LGBT immigrants and our families. On Tuesday, November 4th, I hope you too will vote on the values that matter to our community.


Dane Solomon
Guyanese asylum winner