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By Caroline Dessert | November 20, 2014

This Thanksgiving, we remember the millions of immigrants who have been separated from their loved ones, and the tens of thousands who will spend their holidays in unsafe detention centers. As a national coalition of immigrant and LGBT rights organizations, we call on President Obama to fulfill his overdue promise and announce a bold, broad and LGBT-inclusive administrative relief package immediately.

There are currently more than 267,000 undocumented LGBT adults living in perpetual fear of deportation to the over 80 countries where it is a crime to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. For more than a year, our coalition has advocated for an executive order on immigration that would protect our uniquely vulnerable community. Our community has suffered from delays and broken promises, and now that we are closer than ever to witnessing the signing of an executive order on immigration, alleged leaked plans indicate that the LGBT community could be left behind.

Alejandro, a 38-year-old gay man originally from Mexico, cannot afford to be left behind. According to the leak, he would still be at risk of deportation.

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