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Three years ago, my partner John and I became parents to two beautiful children… and our lives changed. John and the kids are my world. I could not imagine losing any of them.

The sad truth is, for many gay couples like us, that is exactly what is happening in Russia right now. Judges in Russia are threatening to take kids away from loving gay families.

Families are calling Immigration Equality, desperate to know how they can protect their children. In fact, by the end of this year we expect to receive more than 200 calls from LGBT Russians.

Immigration Equality is the safeguard. Donate today and give the gift of family.

Thanks to generous supporters like you, Immigration Equality has won more than 96 cases this year, empowering individuals and families to make their case for asylum and helping LGBT parents fight for their children.

John and I are giving a special year-end gift to Immigration Equality this month, because unlike many LGBT families, we are lucky enough to spend our holiday together. Won’t you join us?

Happy Holidays,

Trystan Reese
Development Director, Immigration Equality