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Dear Friend,

I know that reading the news can be a challenge these days. The constant deluge of terrible updates is exhausting. What’s more, the sheer volume of aggression against our communities can make it hard to keep track of exactly what is happening.

The difficult truth is that the immigration system is under attack. The Justice Department is undermining the independence of immigration judges, last month going so far as to replace a judge for attempting to give due process to a Central American asylum seeker. At the border, agents are turning away refugees before they can even ask for asylum, and those who make it in are increasingly denied the opportunity to see a judge.

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The biggest challenges are yet to come. The Trump administration intends to create regulations denying green cards and even citizenship to immigrants who receive any government benefits, from Obamacare to the earned-income tax credit. The full details of this policy are not yet clear, but we are already preparing to fight it. Making immigrants choose between their healthcare and their immigration status is cruel, and a recipe for a public health disaster.

That’s the bad news. The good news is, we represent hundreds of LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants, and even with these attacks, we continue to win 99% of the time. Our attorneys and paralegals work tirelessly every day on behalf of our clients, but the need for our services outmatches our capacity. We need your help to fight back.

$99: Help us to maintain our remarkable 99% win rate.
$75: Help us to fight for clients from the more than 75 countries where it is a crime to be LGBTQ.
$22: Help the 22% of our clients living with HIV.

Every dollar counts. And we are counting on you.






Aaron C. Morris

Executive Director, Immigration Equality