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Dear Friend,

My name is Victor and I am a gay man from Colombia. A little more than five years ago, I came to New York on vacation and met Derick, the love of my life. We felt an immediate connection and have been together ever since.

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Six months into our relationship, I returned to Colombia to take care of my sick mother. When I came back to the United States, I was thrown into immigration detention. Luckily, Derick contacted Immigration Equality and they secured my release. Thanks to Immigration Equality, I was able to stay in the United States and marry the man I love!

Derick’s (right) and my business was featured in Sofrito Magazine!

This Valentine’s Day, Derick and I are celebrating four years of marriage. Together, we run a catering company featuring Derick’s family recipes and are opening our first permanent restaurant this Spring! It’s a dream come true; one we have been working tirelessly toward since we began serving food at summer festivals. Our first festival was Pride in Jackson Heights, Queens, where I was overwhelmed with joy to see that Immigration Equality had a table as well.

Immigration Equality saves so many people. They fight for our rights and defend us, and I am proud to call them my angels. Thank you for supporting Immigration Equality and supporting LGBTQ immigrants like me.

Happy Valentine’s Day,









My portrait from the Free To Be Me photo project!

Photo Credits: 1) Victor 2) MAPaoli, courtesy of The Freakin Rican restaurant 3) Steven Laxton