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It has been a challenging few months for us all. But every day, our team is invigorated by the outpouring of support we receive. And for that, we are most grateful this Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for your support!

Every rally, march, and peaceful protest gives us heart. Every phone call, email, and letter inspires us to keep fighting for LGBTQ and HIV-positive people everywhere.

You give us heart!

We have heard from clients, from pro bono attorneys, and from people from around the world seeking to help. We are energized by your remarkable commitment to this cause. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With gratitude,

The Immigration Equality Team: Aaron, Fabiola, Im, Jackie, Jennifer, Laura, Matthew, Miriam, Nicholas, Pamela, Paul, Piibe, and Yleana