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Student Visas

F Visas


These visas are available to full-time students who are admitted to an academic or language training program. Applicants must provide proof of the financial support needed for educational and living expenses, must retain a residence outside the U.S., cannot work more than 20 hours a week at an on-campus job or spend more than one year of practical training after completion of courses.  The U.S. government may issue additional employment authorization to students if severe unforeseen economic hardships arise after coming to the U.S.

J Visas


These visas are available to trainees, students, professors, research scholars, non-academic specialists, foreign physicians, au pairs, and summer students in travel/work programs. Some visa recipients must return to the country of their last residence for two years after their visa expires before obtaining any subsequent visas.

It is possible, but difficult to obtain a waiver of the two-year residency requirement following a J visa. To obtain a waiver, you must prove that: you have experienced persecution in your home country and are afraid to return; your leaving will cause exceptional hardship in the United States citizen or legal permanent resident spouse or child; or granting the waiver is in the public interest of the U.S., and that your home country has no objection to the waiver.

M Visas


These visas are available to students intending to pursue short vocational or technical study programs. Employment authorization for practical training is limited to six months and students cannot change to an F-1 student visa or to an H-1b temporary work visa if the training on the M visa is the basis of application for the H visa.

Visitor Visas


These visas are available for a stay of up to six months for persons entering the United States for reasons of leisure or pleasure such as: tourism, amusement, visiting friends or relatives, rest, medical treatment and activities of a social or service nature. The B-2 visa can also be utilized by a non-spousal partner (including a same-sex partner) of a principal E, H, or L visa holder for the duration of that person’s stay.