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Welcome to the third edition of Immigration Equality and the Midwest Immigrant and Human Rights Center’s LGBTQ/HIV Asylum Manual.

Fully updated in 2006, this edition is a web-based document that can be viewed in its entirety online.

Note: In January 2012, USCIS issued “Guidance for Adjudicating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) Refugee and Asylum Claims.” This offers invaluable information about how the asylum office adjudicates LGBTQI claims and should be reviewed by practitioners.

The Manual would not have been possible without the work of many others (especially those who wrote the first two versions of the handbook). Please see the Preface and Acknowledgments for a complete list of such indispensable individuals.

This handbook is intended for use by pro bono attorneys and immigration attorneys working on LGBTQ/HIV asylum cases. The handbook is not intended as legal advice and is not meant to be used by unrepresented asylum seekers to prepare their own applications.