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Source: NYC Mayor’s Office

As an LGBT immigration advocate and a lifelong New Yorker, I’m proud that my hometown is introducing IDNYC, the largest municipal identification program in the country. All residents of New York City, regardless of immigration status, will have access to government-issued identity documents. You can sign up today!

Immigration Equality is proud to have played a role in this important new opportunity. In 2014, we met with members of the City Council to advocate for the ID, and to explain how it would greatly improve the lives of many LGBT immigrants. We also asked that the City allow transgender individuals to choose the gender marker on the ID card. Today, New Yorkers may choose a male or female designation, or choose not to have the gender marker at all.

Identity is important. For many vulnerable members of our community, the municipal ID card will remove a daunting barrier to accessing essential services and programs. Thank you, New York!

Clement Lee
Staff Attorney, Immigration Equality