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Every four years, our political leaders come together to pick a presidential candidate and set their party’s agenda. Each party spells out its priorities and values in its platform. This year, we’re calling on Republicans and Democrats alike to commit to protecting LGBTQ immigrants and families!

Support the fight for LGBTQ Equality today. 

We’ve provided both parties with platform language calling on them to do two things:

  • Keep LGBTQ asylum seekers and refugee families together. Ensure that same-sex permanent partners and their children are recognized as families when a couple has no access to marriage.
  • End the prolonged confinement of LGBTQ asylum seekers in dangerous detention facilities. Our community is at a severely high risk of violence and sexual assault in detention, and we demand an end to the abuse.

Our families deserve dignity, respect, and the same protections that all other families have. This is especially true for those in our community fleeing from persecution and torture. America can and must do better.

Help us protect LGBTQ asylum seekers, refugees, and their families! 

It has been a challenging time for our community. But through such adversity, we are reminded that we must fight every day for our equality, our safety, and our basic human rights. Now is the time to stand up. Now is the time to be heard. Join us today to protect those in our community who need our help the most.

Yours sincerely,

Aaron C. Morris
Executive Director, Immigration Equality

P.S. We leverage each dollar you donate to Immigration Equality to provide $13 worth of services through the generous donations of our Pro Bono Network. If you donate $36 today, we will use that to provide $468 in legal services to an LGBTQ or HIV-positive immigrant in need. imeq.org/donate