The only national organization that provides both free legal services and policy advocacy for uniquely vulnerable LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants.

80+countries unsafe for LGBTQ and HIV+ people

In nearly 80 countries around the world, it is a crime to be LGBTQ. In many more, it is fundamentally unsafe.

Our broken immigration system actively attempts to deport undocumented LGBTQ people seeking asylum from countries where they face harassment, violence, and even death.

In immigration detention, LGBTQ people are trapped with homophobic and transphobic individuals, denied proper medical care, and abused. Every day, we work to protect our community.

4,560calls for help answered in 2014

Immigration Equality answers thousands of calls for help each year from around the world, taking on cases and giving legal advice and referrals to LGBTQ-friendly immigration attorneys and organizations.

Together, our in-house legal team and our nationwide Pro Bono Network provide free legal representation to over 550 clients.

99%win rate

We win 99% of our cases, halting deportations and securing asylum victories and release from detention.

Meet three of the 700+ clients we’ve served.


José fled from El Salvador to the U.S. at 17 to escape attacks and sexual abuse by homophobic gang members. He was taken into custody by immigration officials and sent to detention in Texas. For 5 months, he lived in constant fear of abuse and deportation.

He called Immigration Equality, and we took on his case. With our help, José was released from detention and granted asylum in San Francisco. He now gives back to his community, counseling trauma survivors and lobbying for the LGBTQ immigrant justice movement on Capitol Hill.


Denise is a transgender woman who fled from Trinidad to the U.S. in 2004 after years of brutal physical, emotional, and verbal assaults, with no help from police who told her she deserved to be attacked. She suffered from PTSD and worsening health, having four heart attacks.

Denise found us at Pride in 2011 and became our client. For the next few years, she struggled with depression and was repeatedly fired by transphobic employers. At one point, she was forced to live on a subway platform for a month. To make matters worse, Denise was denied asylum and nearly deported. But we kept fighting. After over five years, she won asylum in 2014. Today, she is an advocate in her own right, serving as a powerful Immigration Equality spokesperson.


Lina lived in the closet in Russia, in fear of rampant homophobia and struggling with her sexuality. When she came to Immigration Equality, she had been in the U.S. for over 8 years, was suffering from depression and anxiety, and worried that her situation was hopeless because she had missed her one-year filing deadline for asylum.

Immigration Equality took on her case, and she won asylum in late 2014. She’s now a thriving visual artist, photographer, and model, volunteering her excellent photography services at Immigration Equality events.

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overall win rate


current clients in 2015


detained people called for help 2008-2014


detained clients 2008-2014

We support90+law firms, including 110+ legal offices nationwide

Our pro bono partners donated$17.8 millionin free legal services in 2014


of our clients are living with HIV


victories in 2014

Detention harms transgender women disproportionately.

All clients

11%transgender women

All detained clients

24%transgender women

Learn about the clients we served in 2014.
In 2014, our expert legal team answered 4,560 calls for help.
Our policy advocacy urges decision-makers to:
Defend and improve the lifesaving asylum system
Ensure alternatives to detention for LGBTQ immigrants and end the inhumane segregation of transgender women
Protect and reunite LGBTQ immigrant families abroad who are separated by inability to access marriage equality
Pass LGBT-inclusive comprehensive immigration reform

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