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By Matt Northup | September 9,2014

On September 9, a range of LGBT and immigrant advocacy groups held a press conference at Lafayette Square near the White House. Maya Rupert, the policy director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, explained that the conference aimed to “elevate some stories of LGBT undocumented people” who could describe “what a delay in reforming immigration has meant for them and their family.” A Nigerian-born gay man and HIV/AIDS activist, a Honduran transgender woman, and a gay man who fled anti-LGBT violence in El Salvador when he was 17 were scheduled to speak about their difficulties with the current immigration process.

Spurred by President Obama’s announcement that he won’t push for a fix to immigration policy until after the upcoming midterms, the event, which was part of a broader day of action, was an attempt, in Rupert’s words, “to point out that immigration reform is an LGBT issue.” Diego Ortiz, Immigration Equality’s Communications Director, stated there was an additional goal to “tell President Obama that his decision to delay administrative relief is just unacceptable.”

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