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Our community has suffered from delays and broken promises. Now that we are closer than ever to the signing of an executive order on immigration, alleged leaked plans show that the LGBT community could still be left behind.

Though we welcome the President’s executive action because it could protect millions from deportation, it may not include the more than 267,000 undocumented LGBT immigrants in our country. When deported, many LGBT individuals experience threats, violence, rape, and even death in their countries of origin.

We need the President to recognize the unique ties of LGBT families and deliver a broad executive order that recognizes all the distinct barriers that LGBT immigrants face.

To make sure our community is included, LGBT and immigrant justice advocates are coming together to say that LGBT immigrants deserve the protections to live safely without fear of detention or deportation. We refuse to be left out.







“Our current immigration system breaks families apart. Our families deserve to be included in immigration reform. They are strong and are integrated into the community, whether we have children or not. We have been left out so many times that it can be hard to remain hopeful. Please don’t leave us out this time!” —Joe Peterangelo, Milwaukee, WI

It’s not too late to add your voice. Visit imeq.org/tellyourstory.

Caroline Dessert
Executive Director, Immigration Equality