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One year ago, I boarded a plane from California to New York with my partner to join the amazing team at Immigration Equality as Executive Director. With your support, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot in that year, including:

  • winning 112 cases for LGBT and HIV-affected immigrants
  • advising over 1500 families seeking to be reunited
  • supporting 91 law firms providing pro bono legal services
  • responding to over 4,500 calls and emails from people seeking legal help
  • all while maintaining a 99% success rate

And people are taking notice! I was just profiled in The Advocate alongside three LGBT women at the cutting edge of business, tech, and activism! Click here to read the piece.

Since the Supreme Court struck down DOMA, Immigration Equality has been laser-focused on uniting families and ensuring that immigrants fleeing the over 75 countries that criminalize LGBT and HIV-affected people have a lawyer to help them navigate our complex immigration system.

A surge of LGBT immigrants seeking a safe place to call home have contacted us for free legal services. Our caseload has doubled since 2013. Please make a gift to support our current caseload and build capacity for growth. If you donate before October 23rd, your gift will be matched 100%, doubling your impact!

The need for our free legal services for asylum seekers and binational couples and families is greater than ever. Please make a gift today so that we can continue to serve the staggering number of clients we currently represent. Every LGBT immigrant fleeing persecution deserves a fair opportunity to find a safe place to call home.


Caroline Dessert

P.S. Did you also know that…

  • 57% of our clients are under 30 years old
  • 25% are known to be living with HIV
  • It can take 3 or more years to close a case
  • We anticipate receiving 5000 calls for help this year — and answering every one
  • We have achieved over 700 victories to date
  • It’s a crime to be LGBT in over 75 countries

$2,500 is the average cost to represent 1 client — $3,500 if the client is in detention