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Call Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Sarah Saldaña’s office at 202-732-3000 and say:

Hi, I’m [NAME] from [CITY, STATE], and I’d like to leave a message for Director Saldaña.

I’m calling because I’m concerned about what’s happening to the LGBTQ community in detention.

LGBTQ people seeking a safe place to call home are placed in administrative isolation, where they are treated differently than everyone else. They are also housed in rural detention facilities and involuntarily moved from one place to another. Isolating LGBTQ people from their attorneys, friends, and family is wrong.

As a top decision-maker at ICE, you have the power to end this suffering. LGBTQ people should not be detained in unequal, unhealthy, and abusive conditions. Please pass along my message.

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Know The Facts!

Stop administrative segregation.

  • LGBTQ people are at great risk of assault in detention facilities. The government knows this, and so they forcibly isolate them from everyone else. However, segregation leads to homophobic and transphobic harassment and psychological damage. Prolonged isolation is not protection, it’s abuse.

Stop isolating the LGBTQ community.

  • ICE should not send LGBTQ people to rural detention facilities. Creating LGBTQ units in the middle of nowhere separates them from attorneys, friends, and family. This does not make them safer, it makes them more vulnerable to mistreatment and to being deported to unsafe countries.

Stop involuntary transfers.

  • ICE should not move transgender women between detention facilities without their consent. Forcibly separating LGBTQ people from attorneys, friends, and family is wrong.