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Dear Friend,

You may remember our client Denis Davydov, who is a gay and HIV-positive asylum seeker from Russia. Last March, we fought to free Denis from immigration detention after he was wrongfully detained for traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Today, you can watch Denis tell his own story in a new video we partnered on with Them.us, Conde Nast’s new platform for LGBTQ audiences.


Please note that this video includes graphic scenes of violence and may be difficult to watch.


We fight every day for people like Denis. We cannot allow the U.S. government to mistreat LGBTQ people who flee to our country to find safety and freedom. Help us keep this nation a beacon of hope for all LGBTQ people!


Your gift of $22 helps us fight for the 22% of our clients living with HIV.

Your gift of $99 allows us to maintain our 99% win rate.

Your gift of $2500 enables us to win asylum for one refugee.


Please consider making a gift today so that we can keep fighting for Denis and hundreds of asylum seekers looking for safety in the United States.

Yours Sincerely,

Aaron C. Morris
Executive Director, Immigration Equality


Photo credit: Abraham Troen, courtesy of Them