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Meet our amazing client Ishalaa. A powerful, inspiring Mexican transgender activist, Ishalaa was the lead spokesperson for her local LGBT rights group in Mexico and organized protests against an anti-LGBT gubernatorial candidate in her state. After receiving death threats, Ishalaa made the difficult decision to flee for safety in July 2013.

After presenting herself at the U.S. border, Ishalaa was locked away in detention for over a month before she was released on bond. Two and a half years later, together with Milbank Pro Bono Fellow Alex Barlow, Ishalaa and I went to Phoenix, AZ to fight her deportation. Alex argued the case before the Immigration Court and we won!

Though she had to leave her Mexican activist community in search of safety in the U.S., Ishalaa remains an activist and works for the Translatin@ and GLB immigrant communities. We hope you have a chance to meet her at this year’s Safe Haven Awards, where she will be sharing her story. Get your early bird tickets today!

Thank you for being a part of the amazing Immigration Equality family!

With Gratitude,

Pamela Denzer
Asylum Program Supervisor

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