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In the 99 days since Donald Trump became the President of the United States, we have been fighting harder than ever to protect our community. It has been an exhausting time for many of us, but the Immigration Equality team has ben energized by the outpouring of support we have received from all of you!

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Though it has been a relatively short time since the Inauguration, we have accomplished quite a lot. After the President signed three Executive Orders targeting immigrants, we sued the government in federal district court to ensure the Muslim and Refugee Ban did not keep members of our community from returning home to the U.S. We also weighed in on the of attack the Ban in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and released FAQs to ensure you had the best information available on how all of the Orders might affect you.

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In addition to our impact work, we also fought in the trenches for individuals and families. These included people like Denis Davydov, a gay Russian living with HIV who was wrongly detained by ICE. Working with Leader Pelosi and other supportive Members of Congress, we secured his release just yesterday! Read about his story here. To support other individuals, we created Know Your Rights materials, held legal clinics and trainings, and sponsored rallies in support of immigrants.

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So far this year, your support has already enabled us to testify before the New York City Council to stop the profiling of transgender immigrants and to train 168 asylum and refugee officers across the U.S. in HIV and LGBTQ human rights law. And as always, we represent hundreds of asylum seekers and families every day — more than ever before!

In such trying times, we must stand together in resistance.

In Solidarity,

Aaron C. Morris
Executive Director, Immigration Equality