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This year, Immigration Equality celebrates an exciting milestone: 25 years of victories! And I’m so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to serve the LGBTQ and HIV-positive community here for half of those years. It is a big honor to give our clients the gift of hope every day—to protect their families, to help them find safe haven from persecution, and to support them in living out their dreams.

Through it all, I have seen this organization’s determination to fight for individuals and force systemic change, and that’s how I know this is just the beginning of another 25 years of life-saving work for us.

Celebrate our past 25 years of victories—and our next two decades of progress—with a gift of $50. If everyone who opens this email today gives $50, we can open 50 new cases for LGBTQ and HIV-positive asylum seekers! Any gift, big or small, makes an impact.

Take a quick moment to picture something with me—it shouldn’t be very difficult: an American president who opposes marriage equality and the parental rights of same-sex couples. A man who doubles the size of the Border Patrol and starts building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to “protect the American people.” Refugees fleeing majority Muslim countries are met with hostility.

I know this sounds very recent, but I’m not talking about last year. I’m remembering 2008. The president was George W. Bush—and also the year I started taking cases at Immigration Equality. Despite what seemed like an intractable political stalemate that year, we secured sufficient support to overturn the 22-year ban on HIV-positive immigrants.

For 25 years, Immigration Equality has proven progress is always possible. No matter who is in the White House.

Help us kick off our 25th anniversary with a generous gift of $50 dollars to celebrate our past wins and support our future success. If you make a gift of any amount, we’ll send you an Immigration Equality tote bag as a token of our appreciation! 

Now, as in decades past, our community faces what seem like insurmountable obstacles. But at Immigration Equality, time and time again we always find a way forward.

  • Every time we sue the U.S. government to protect a same-sex couple, we do so with the hope that all families will one day be treated with dignity and equality.
  • Each LGBTQ refugee who is granted asylum through our free legal services is given the hope to live as their true selves in safety and freedom.
  • And every time we secure policy reform or draft a bill with a member of Congress, we do so knowing that today’s hope can become tomorrow’s reality.

You have the power to give hope. Can we count on you to give generously today?

Thank you for everything you do for LGBTQ immigrants.

Aaron C. Morris, Executive Director
Immigration Equality