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Dear Friend,

The last few weeks have been difficult… I think now is exactly the right time to share with you our top ten accomplishments of 2016. They give me hope for the future.

With your support, we fought for the rights and the dignity of LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants across the country. And of course with your help, we will redouble our efforts in 2017. Please donate before December 31st and your gift will be matched 200% by one of our most generous supporters. Triple your impact today!

In 2016, we:

1) Provided free legal advice to more than 3,500 people from around the world.

2) Represented 590 individuals and families in 39 states.

3) Provided legal services to 130 clients living with HIV.

4) Secured asylum for over 100 individuals, bringing our lifetime total to 940!

5) Expanded our Pro Bono Network to 100 firms in 150 offices.

6) Maintained a remarkable 99% win rate for all clients!

7) Shared personal stories of queer immigrants through the LGBTQ New Americans Project.

8) Secured the release of nearly a dozen transgender women held in men’s detention facilities.

9) Partnered with the Central and South Florida Chapters of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) to implement Immigrant Action Orlando, an initiative supporting survivors and family members of victims of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy.

10) Reacted immediately after national elections to create resources for couples, families, and individuals in preparation for a Trump presidency.

Donate today and triple your impact!

Next year will bring some extraordinary challenges for our community. But Immigration Equality is preparing to meet them head-on. For 22 years, we have stood in defense of LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants. Today, we recommit ourselves to that important mission. Won’t you join us? Together, I know we will succeed.

Yours Sincerely,

Aaron C. Morris, Esq.
Executive Director
Immigration Equality