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Welcome to Immigration Equality. If you are a member of the press interested in covering the LGBT and HIV-positive immigrant community, then you’ve come to the right place. Immigration Equality is happy to work with members of the press to provide statistics, stories, spokespeople, and analysis about the intersection of the LGBT and HIV-positive community and immigration. Please contact our communications department at +1 (212) 714-2904.

Immigration Equality has represented thousands of LGBT asylum seekers, detainees, and binational families over the years. To schedule an interview with our spokespeople, please send a detailed description of your intended project to communications@immigrationequality.org.

Both our expert legal team and our wide list of clients are willing to speak with the press.


Immigration Equality in the media

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Center for American Progress: Clear Guidance on Humanitarian Parole Is Needed to Reunite Same-Sex Partners Who Are Unable to Legally Marry February 11, 2015
Vital Voice: Outspoken Ugandan LGBTQ Rights Advocate to Speak at Washington University Conference February 8, 2015
The Bay Area Reporter: New LGBT Asylum Project Launches in SF February 4, 2015
Fusion: Immigrant Women Say They’re Being Illegally Strip Searched by Male Officers February 1, 2015
Fusion: LGBT Groups Call on Obama to Stop Immigration Raids Against Women and Children January 14, 2015
City Limits: Visa Rules, Distant Pride and Fast Food: The Real Life of NYC's Immigrants December 30, 2015
San Francisco Bay Times: Protections for Transgender Foster Youth Signed into Law December 10, 2015
Washington Blade: LGBT Groups Condemn Trump Plan to Ban Muslims from U.S. December 8, 2015
Redding: A Struggle for Transgender Detainees December 8, 2015
U.S. News: Top Scholars Say Trump Muslim Immigrant Ban May Be Constitutional December 8, 2015
Erie Gay News: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Confirms Transgender Immigrants Will Not be Housed at Adelanto Detention Facility December 7, 2015
Los Angeles Times: Immigration Officials Ditch Plan to Detain Transgender Immigrants in Adelanto December 3, 2015
RH Reality Check: ICE Reverses Plan to Transfer transgender Detainees to Remote Detention Center December 2, 2015
My Social Good News: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Confirms Transgender Immigrants Will Not be Housed at Adelanto Detention Facility December 1, 2015
Fusion: U.S. Drops Plan to Create Transgender Wing at Notorious Private Prison December 1, 2015
Windy City Times: ICE will not house transgender immigrants at remote detention facility December 1, 2015
Met-News: Ninth Circuit Upholds Gay Man's Deportation to Mexico November 20, 2015
Washington Blade: Advocates Divided over Resettlement of Syrian Refugees in U.S. November 17, 2015
MSNBC: Recent Anti-immigrant Rhetoric ‘un-American’ November 17, 2015
New York Times: Transgender, and Facing Prison or Deportation November 12, 2015
New York Times: Prisons and Jails Put Transgender Inmates at Risk November 9, 2015
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Russian Applications For U.S. Asylum Skyrocket In 2015 November 4, 2015
Washinton Blade: New Rule Allows Refugees to Bring Same-sex Partners to U.S. November 3, 2015
Erie Gay News: Immigration Equality Lauds Second Circuit Court Decision Ensuring Bond Hearings for Immigrants in Detention October 28, 2015
Gotham Gazette: The Week Ahead in New York Politics October 25, 2015
Bay Area Reporter: 9th Circuit Case Aids Trans Latinas October 22, 2015
My Social Good News: Immigration Equality Celebrates Executive Director's First Anniversary, Expanded Focus on Asylum for LGBT and HIV-Affected Immigrants October 22, 2015
Erie Gay News: Immigration Equality Celebrates Executive Director's First Anniversary, Expanded Focus on Asylum for LGBT and HIV-Affected Immigrants October 9, 2015
IB Times: Immigration Reform: Transgender Immigrants Skeptical Of New Detention Guidelines Designed To Protect Them July 9, 2015
Vice: Transgender Immigrants Still Face Rampant Physical and Sexual Abuse in US Detention Centers July 8, 2015
Huffington Post: Immigration Officials May Begin Considering Gender Identity When Housing Transgender Detainees June 29, 2015
Edge Boston: Immigration Equality Fights For Undocumented LGBT People June 21, 2015
Facebook: Queens Pride June 9, 2015
Windy City Times: Immigration Equality Hosts Fundraiser June 9, 2015
Huffington Post: On the "A" w/Souleo: Art Exhibition and Non-profit Organization Look at LGBT Issues Beyond Marriage Equality June 4, 2015
Washington Blade: Advocates Protest ICE Detention Policies May 28, 2015
Take Part: Nowhere to Run: Detained Transgender Immigrants Are Abused, Beaten, and Worse May 22, 2015
Advocate: Meet 13 Emerging Leaders in Social Justice Selected as Arcus Fellows May 14, 2015
Al-Jazeera: Fearful of Attacks, More LGBT Russians Seeking US asylum January 30, 2015
Latin Post: Immigration Reform News Update: LGBT Organizations ‘Deeply Disappointed’ With Inaction from Executive Action December 5, 2014
Vice: Gay and Trans Immigrants May Not Find a Reprieve in Obama’s Executive Action December 2, 2014
Denver Post: Scores of Russian Gays Seeking Asylum in United States December 1, 2014
Business Insider: Russian Gays are Fleeing to the U.S. November 29, 2014
MIC: LGBT Immigrants Have Very Little to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving November 27, 2014
Huffington Post: LGBT Immigrants Slam Obama’s Plan: ‘He’s Not In Support Of Us' November 25, 2014
Vox: The Unique Plight of Unauthorized LGBT Immigrants November 24, 2014
NBC Bay Area: Members of LGBT Community Fear Exclusion From President Obama’s Immigration Order November 21, 2014
Huffington Post: Alleged Leak of Obama’s Immigration Plan Reveals It Would Endanger LGBT Lives November 20, 2014
Washington Blade: Obama’s Immigration Action is Not Enough for LGBT Advocates November 20, 2014
SDGLN: Activists: Don’t Exclude LGBT Immigrants from Affirmative Relief November 19, 2014
Frontiers: Immigration Reform is a ‘Test of Trust’ for LGBT Advocates November 13, 2014
Fusion: Coming Out Twice — Being Gay and Undocumented in the U.S November 11, 2014
El Universal: Abandono hispano pone contra la pared a Obama November 6, 2014
The Hill: Immigration Advocates: ‘No More Excuses’ November 5, 2014
Huffington Post: Immigration Equality Puts the Spotlight on Women and New Leadership October 29, 2014
International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2014: Some Activists Worry Obama’s Executive Action Will Exclude Undocumented LGBT Immigrants October 29, 2014
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Number Of Russian Asylum Seekers To U.S. Spikes In Wake Of ‘Antigay’ Law October 15, 2014
MSNBC: Meet 16 activists at the front lines of immigration reform October 15, 2014
Washington Post: Worries Lessen for Virginia Gay Immigrants, Who Can Now Marry October 12, 2014
Semana News: Miembros de la comunidad gay que sufren persecución en su país buscan asilo político October 9, 2014
MSNBC: A Double-edged Sword for LGBT Immigrants October 3, 2014
GLAAD: Queer Latina to direct LGBT immigration advocacy October 2, 2014
SDGLN: Southern California native Caroline Dessert named executive director of Immigration Equality October 1, 2014
LGBT Weekly: Immigration Equality appoints new executive director October 1, 2014
MSNBC: How a gay Ugandan activist eluded persecution and asylum woes September 20, 2014
MSNBC: LGBT immigrants protest against ‘death sentence’ deportations September 10, 2014
Washington Blade: Action for LGBT Immigrants sought at White House rally September 9, 2014
DOT 429: LGBT and Immigration Organizations Lead “Day of Action” in D.C. September 9, 2014
Latin Post: Immigration Reform Update: Advocacy, Civil Rights Groups Urge Obama to Ensure Executive Action Includes Undocumented LGBT Immigrants September 2, 2014
Human Rights Council: LGBT Community Supports Family of Michael Brown, with 58 Groups Joining Letter of Solidarity August 15, 2014
Buzzfeed: We Asked 4 LGBT Refugees About Why They Came To The U.S. August 5, 2014
Advocate: Jose Antonio Vargas, Undocumented Gay Journalist, Detained in Texas July 15, 2014
Washington Blade: Anti-LGBT crackdown continues under Russia propaganda law July 2, 2014
Diagonal Periodico: Abusos contra mujeres trans en los CIE de Estados Unidos July 1, 2014
Phuket Gazette: Caught in a Love Catch-22 June 29, 2014
CNN: Love Wins in Gay Couple’s 40-year Immigration Fight June 28, 2014
Advocate: Meet This Year’s Inspiring Point Foundation Scholars June 23, 2014
El Confidencial: Homosexuales piden a Obama acabar con deportaciones de colectivo LGBT en EEUU June 20, 2014
Frontiers LA: Obama Delivers Strong Speech at LGBT DNC Fundraiser in NYC While Immigration Equality Protests Deportations June 18, 2014
GLAAD: Wall Street Journal strikes again, claims LGBT asylum seekers have 'inside track' June 18, 2014
Windy City Media Group: LGBTQ, immigrant protest DNC’s LGBT NYC Fundraiser June 17, 2014
US News: Obama's LGBT order leaves immigrant groups wanting more June 17, 2014
Advocate: Op-ed: Why LGBT Deportations Still = Death June 17, 2014
MSNBC: Immigration Reform Advocates Protest at Obama's LGBT Victory Lap June 17, 2014
Talk Radio News Service: LGBTQ Activists, Dreamers take deportation fight to White House June 5, 2014
Washington Blade: Rea Carey arrested during immigration protest May 1, 2014
Advocate: Gay Widower asks for marriage based green card April 21, 2014
Updated News: Russian homosexuals turn to US for help April 13, 2014
Village Voice: Asylum Insanity: Welcome to the land of the free April 8, 2014
NCLR: Support the HEAL Immigrant Women and Families Act! April 4, 2014
NGLAAD: And then they came for me: Arizona, LGBT equality and immigrant issues March 10, 2014